Our Board


Our Board (L to R) Mike Stough (Secretary), Barbara Fleming (Vice President), Laurie Barnes, David Ayres, Kaz Kazlusky (Treasurer), Sue McGowin, Rev. Sean (ex officio), and Judy Stettner (President)

Our congregation is run democratically by the congregation, which meets (at least) annually to make major decisions such as calling a minister, approving our annual budget, adopting a statement of purpose and by-laws, and electing our Board and Officers.

The Board is tasked with ongoing planning, policy-making, and goal-setting to implement the congregation’s purpose.  The Board works together to ensure the ministries, programs, and facilities of the congregation work in service to its mission and long-term sustainability.  The Board also works in collaboration with the Program Council, committees, and staff to put vision into action.

We also have a LOT of fun!