Sam Jones, Director of         Religious Education

I am very proud of our Religious Education program. Our RE Committee is especially supportive and resourceful, ensuring that our programs run smoothly. This is my seventh year as the Director of Religious Education, I have been with this church for 16 years, most of which was spent as a volunteer teacher. For most of my adult life, I have felt that Religious Education was my calling and as a result, have come to embrace my position here at the church as a major part of my spiritual path. I consider it an honor and a privilege to play a role in enriching the spiritual lives of so many children and youth.

Our religious education program strives to build a respectful, loving, accepting community that nurtures the spiritual growth of our members. It supports the search for religious meaning and encourages responsibility. Together we celebrate the many joys of living in this world and of being a part of this church community.Children are given the opportunity to explore the great variety of world religious beliefs; to learn about Unitarian Universalism; and to discover, question, and discuss their own spiritual feelings and beliefs. We strive to provide a feeling of belonging, an experience of beauty, and a sense of joy for our children.The specific goals of our religious education program are to inspire:

  • a feeling of personal worth
  • a capacity for love
  • respect for others and their beliefs
  • ongoing spiritual growth
  • curiosity about life
  • the courage to think and act independently
  • a responsible attitude toward our environment
  • the development of personal morals and ethics
  • knowledge of our religious heritage and the religious experiences of humankind

Our lessons and activities are designed to accomplish these goals. In addition, the children participate in their own worship services, a yearly Sunday morning pageant and other special activities such as Flower Communion and All Ages Services.  Classes are taught by volunteer parents and church members who demonstrate a loving, caring attitude toward our children and model the behaviors described above.