Endowment Fund Financial Planning Presentation

 Personal Financial Planning Seminar

As a service to the congregation, the Endowment Fund Committee is putting on a Personal Financial Planning seminar, to be held next Sunday immediately after the Service. The Committee is very interested in your future financial well-being.

Paul Krieg, Ed Robbins, and Peter Tinkler will be performing a skit.

The cast will be:

  • Peter Tinkler as the client, Leslie Nurmslinger.
  • Ed Robbins as the financial planner, H&R Goodfellow.
  • Paul Krieg, of the law firm, Dewey, Teachem, and Howe, as the attorney on legal issues.

Since the skit begins at 12:15, they’ll be providing a light snack and drinks to tide you over.

Please let the office know if you’re coming office@treeoflifeuu.org , so we can provide enough snack items.

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