Theyologies of Liberation

On March 20, 2016 10:45am Rev. Sean presents Theyologies of Liberation. What is Liberation Theology? Is it relevant to Unitarian Universalism? Can it help us understand what is happening in the world today and how we should respond? Can we find ways to talk about how our commitments to justice are connected to our theology? And why is that “Y” in there? Rev. Sean attempts to answer these questions and more.

Breaking Cages

On March 13, 2016 10:45am Rev. Sean presents Breaking Cages. What keeps you from being completely yourself, completely whole? What would it look like to burst out of these cages into full liberation? How and why do we keep ourselves from being free? Do we hold back to feel safe? What do we miss by staying inside the bars? Rev. Sean explores stories of liberation.

The Courage of Our Questions

March 6, 2016 10:45 Rebecca Hinds presents The Courage of Our Questions. Rebecca writes  “the fear of embarrassment or vulnerability can often prevent us from asking questions. So what does it take to have the courage to voice our questions? How can living into our curiosity open us to the mystery, to one another, and to our own depths?”

Desire vs. Aspiration

February 21, 2016  In this service, we will look at the shadow side of Desire and talk about the ways in which it can be destructive to self and community. We will also look into the qualities of Aspiration, and discover how Aspiration can uplift us and inspire compassion for ourselves, and help create compassionate beloved community.

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

February 14, 2016  One wintry day, a postman delivers a mysterious package… to a lonely man named Mr. Hatch. “Somebody loves you,” the note says. “Somebody loves me!” Mr. Hatch sings as he dusts his living room… After some time, Mr. Hatch discovers who his secret admirer is, and in doing so, enjoys the biggest surprise of his life! This is an “All Ages” service.