Is Life Awe-some Enough?

Sunday May 7, 2017 10:45am

M.E. Tanabe

Sometimes thrilling moments just sneak up on us and we find ourselves immersed in the awe-some. Research confirms that we are hardwired to find “awe” meaningful, but, are we getting as much awe as we need?

Our Joyful Journey

Sunday May 21, 2017 10:45am

Join us as we embark on a Tree Of Life Tradition called Joyful Journey. After attending classes for 7 weeks, the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders have composed their first Faith Statement to share with the church community. This is a beautiful, family-oriented milestone in the life of the students. We will also be acknowledging the students who will be graduating out of Religious Education and those who will be bridging out of their classrooms to the next level. Last, but certainly not least, we will acknowledge all the awesome Religious Education volunteer teachers, without which, we would have no programs.

Flower Communion

Sunday April 30, 2017 10:45am

Join us as we honor a tradition originated by Norbert Capek, who founded the Unitarian Church in Czechoslovakia back in 1923. He believed that each flower represented the beauty that is unique in each of us, like all the different kinds of flowers, no two are alike. This is an All Ages Service. Everyone is asked to bring a flower to the service, and in keeping with the tradition, everyone will leave with a different flower. This is a beautiful and meaningful service not to be missed.

“Their life is short but new flowers will replace the flowers that die and new love can come into our hearts” Norbert Capek

Effective Activism with the ACLU

Illinois ACLU Communications Director, Ed Yonhka, invites the public to join us for a briefing of what is going on as well as a chance to discuss ways people can get involved and support the ACLU’s efforts.

This event will give you all the answers you need for any conversation you might have with Congressman Hultgren when he’s home for recess May 8-12 and May 29-June 2.

Wednesday, April 26, 7:00-8:30 pm
Tree of Life Unitarian Universalist Congregation
5603 Bull Valley Rd., McHenry, IL

The briefing will cover key issues on the Federal legislative calendar, including:

  •  Continuing efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and the impact of those efforts on women’s reproductive health and services to people with disabilities
  • The so-called “Religious Freedom” bills, which would effectively sanction discrimination against the LGBTQ community and minority religions
  • Congressional and independent oversight of the Executive Branch, particularly in relation to investigations of Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.

Please RSVP the number of people who will attend the briefing. Feel free to share this information with anyone in 14th District who might want to attend.


Change Becomes Us

Sunday April 23, 2017 10:45am

M.E. Tanabe

Change is part of Life. It’s happening around us, and to us, all the time. When we embrace change by saying “yes” to Life, we become the authors of transformation — both within us and in the larger world.

Easter Celebration

Sunday April 16, 2017 10:45am

Dr. Timothy Hayes

Easter is a very popular Holiday/Holy Day in America. How did it get started? What meaning did, does, or can it have? How could this day have any special meaning to me if I am not “religious” or even particularly spiritual? How can I use this time to make choices which will improve my life? Dr. Hayes will give a series of ideas about how to understand the origins of, and potential practical use for an Easter Celebration.

Nothing Beautiful Comes Without Some Suffering

Sunday April 9, 2017 10:45am

Rev. Linda Slabon

Rev. Linda Slabon and her wife, Toni Tollerud, have both served the UU Fellowship of DeKalb since 1991 – and most of the past 26 years has been filled with joy!  Linda as minister and Toni as the music director.   They will both retire from their ministries at UUFD in July of this year and plan on traveling and playing with their adorable grand-daughter, Amelia Grace.

How YOU can help with the rummage sale

The Rummage Sale is once more upon us and we need the entire congregation to help out. Here is how you can help.

Look around your home. Do you have things that have become clutter? Do yourself a favor and  say goodbye to those things while helping out your faith community. We even have donation slips so you can itemize and use it for your taxes next year. Here is a link to what we need and how to donate it. 

Do you have clothes to donate? Make sure they are clean, unstained, elastic works, and are not torn. Then attach one of these handy size tags with a stick pin. Size tags

Do you have something that won’t fit in your car that you want to donate? Contact the Queen to arrange for pick up.

Help us get set up. We need YOU to help us set up for the sale. We are  known for having great stuff and having it well organized. So this Sunday April 9th come and enjoy a wonderful service by Rev. Linda Slabon from the DeKalb UU Congregation and then stay to help us unload cars and begin sorting through all the treasures. You can sign up to:

  1. Set up tables, racks and signs
  2. Help with the lunch. Yes, we are going to feed all you wonderful volunteers.
  3. Help unload cars and take donations to their assigned areas. A great way for kids to help out.
  4. Provide minivan or truck for pickups
  5. Help pick up large items from offsite.

We will work until 5pm on Sunday.

On Monday and Tuesday April 10-11 we will be sorting and pricing items 9am-7pm. Do not be afraid to help with pricing. We have guidelines to help you and it isn’t as hard as you think. Shifts are open. Just let the Queen know if you plan to come in the morning, afternoon or evening.

On Wednesday April 12th we will put the finishing touches on the pricing and sorting 9am-3pmAnyone that puts in 4 or more hours Sunday through Wednesday has the opportunity to pick out an item of their choosing to purchase at the regular price ahead of the public sale. The Rummage Queen is so generous!

Help with the Sale.

Now that we have everything sorted and priced, let’s have a sale! We need you to help as a cashier (no tax to worry about) or float around the sale helping people find things, giving them boxes to hold their arm loads of treasures, and tidy up after them. Sale hours are:

9am – 2pm Thursday and Friday April 13-14th.

9am-12pm Friday April 15th This is our special sale day. $2/bag for clothing and everything else is 1/2 off.

Morning volunteers should arrive by 8:45am to receive instructions and get ready for our buyers. Our sale is popular and they will be lined up at the door.

Help with Clean Up.

Now that the sale is over and we made lots of money for all that we do and for Compassion for Campers (10%), we need to clean it all up and get ready for Sunday morning. All the left overs will be taken to Savers and they will pay us for what we give them. In years past they have sent a truck to pick up the left overs. This year they are short of trucks so they are going to pay for us to rent our own box truck and load it up. So on Saturday April 15th starting at noon we need:

  1. One person to go pick up and drive the rental truck
  2. LOTS of people to box and bag up the leftovers
  3. LOTS of people to load it on the truck
  4. LOTS of people to move furniture back into place
  5. Some of you to bring vacuums and help with that

With many hands we will be done quickly.

Want to help? Email the Rummage Queen at

or call 815-322-2464 to volunteer and get your questions answered. The Queen thanks you for all that you do for the kingdom of Tree of Life.