Poets in Resistance II

a public reading and rally. Friday March 13th 7-10. 

Tree of Life Sanctuary

Mark your calendars now!

Ten to twelve poets will be selected representing the widest possible range of voices—all ages, gender identification, races, ethnicities, and spiritualties—and of style—poetry slam, hip-hop, performance art, observational, personal reflection, traditional, rhymed, unrhymed, even academic.

The event will be free and open to the public but those in attendance are urged to “vote” by making voluntary donations of $10 or more to any or four organizations representing grass roots resistance.

Contact Patrick Murfin pmurfin@sbcglobal.net

3 Replies to “Poets in Resistance II”

    • Tree of Life Office Post author

      The general theme is social justice and resistance but that is still pretty wide open. Will post more soon.

    • Patrikc Murfin

      We are looking for work that reflects response and/or resistance to social justice issues including but not limited to thinks like economic justice and income inequality, attacks on voting rights and democracy, gun violence, climate crisis, access to medical care and a woman’s right to choose, immigration justice, Black Lives Matter and attacks on minority communities, LGBTQ rights.


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