Week One of 8’S are Wild

Our 8’S are Wild fundraiser has begun and we have an update for you. First, a reminder of what the challenges are:

The 8’s ARE WILD! Tree of Life Triathlon Team includes three athletes from our congregation, Karen Meyer, Randy Meyer and Peter Tinkler. Each are challenging themselves to help raise money for Tree of Life’s ministries and programming. Over 8 weeks, ending October 31, each athlete will strive to achieve their own ambitious goal in swimming, cycling or running.

• Karen Meyer – 8 Miles of swimming (the distance from the Meyer’s home to the Tree of Life doorstep)

• Randy Meyer – the equivalent of 8 Ironman triathlon biking segments (almost 900 miles)

• Peter Tinkler – the equivalent of 8 marathons (almost 210 miles)

We asked members and friends to help us reach our fundraising goal of $4,000 by sponsoring our athletes’ endeavors. We have raised over $6000!!

Check out this video of our devoted athletes in action

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