A Staffing Change at Tree of Life

From the Board

The Tree of Life Board has regretfully accepted Lilith Ransburg’s resignation as our music director. Lilith is an extraordinary musician and we are very grateful for for all that she has contributed to our worship services during her time with us.

We are saddened by Lilith’s decision. Lilith will always be welcome at Tree of Life and we will receive her with joy whenever she visits. We wish her great success in her future endeavors and hope she will find meaningful work that will bring her joy.

With gratitude and love,

Sue McCowin (She/Her)

Irene Raven (She/Her)

Ted Funn (He/His)

Mary Ernest (She/Her)

Julie Huddle (She/Her)

Mary McClelland (She/Her)

From Lilith Ransburg

Dear members and friends of Tree of Life,

I am saddened to inform you that I will not be continuing on as your music director. I have given my notice to the board and will proceed through my 30 day notice period as the board sees best fit. I have made this decision after two months of somewhat quiet struggles and much thought. Since returning to ToL this past January, I have had some wonderful times and some difficult ones. It is interesting to reflect on the difference between my previous time as music director and my current time in the same position. Much has changed for both the congregation and myself in these past years, and I believe that we are unfortunately not the right fit for each other at this time.

Despite this, I truly wish everyone at ToL the best as you all navigate the coming months and years. I know that, at least for me, change is so difficult. It can be hard enough to witness, let alone live and adapt to. That said, I think change is such a monumental chance for growth (I certainly speak from experience there). I hope that Tree of Life will take the opportunities it has been given to learn to grow into a more welcoming, safe, embracing, and truly open community that all can feel welcome and comfortable in. McHenry and the surrounding area need the presence of a church and congregation like that, and I truly wish you all the best in the pursuit of that goal.

Yours truly and hopefully,



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  1. I am an old friend of Liliths, and are trying to find contact information for her. If you can help me, I’d appreciate it

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