A Virtual Flower Communion

Sunday, April 26, 2020, 10:45am

Lou Ness

On April 26th, we celebrate with the Flower Communion and discover new ways of following Norbert Capek ideas around ritual and tradition, finding ways of binding us together, even when separated. What rituals have helped you manage the pandemic and it’s effects? How has tradition informed and shaped you in this strange and newly forming time? Explore with me the ways you will take new rituals with you when we re-enter the world and how even small actions may become part of your tradition.

For our virtual Flower Communion, we invite you to harvest a flower from your own home or yard to have with you for the service. No flowers? Then a picture, a flowered shirt, dress or tie will do! Let’s see how creative we can be adding a floral theme to our service!  

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