Our congregation is run democratically by the congregation, which meets (at least) annually to make major decisions such as calling a minister, approving our annual budget, adopting a statement of purpose and by-laws, and electing our Board and Officers.

The Board is tasked with ongoing planning, policy-making, and goal-setting to implement the congregation’s purpose.  The Board works together to ensure the ministries, programs, and facilities of the congregation work in service to its mission and long-term sustainability.  The Board also works in collaboration with the Program Council, committees, and staff to put vision into action.

We also have a LOT of fun!

Our current board members are:

Leah Mikkelson , President

Irene Raven- Acting President Elect

Mike Bissett, Secretary

Randy Meyer, Treasurer

Steve Lyons, Trustee

Patrick Kerin, Trustee

Marcia Johnson, Trustee

You may contact the board at president@treeoflifeuu.org