Our Mission which we recite as we open each worship service is: At Tree of Life UUC, we nurture a community that welcomes diversity, supports the spiritual growth of its members and acts to create a more just society. 

Our Tagline is: Rooted in Love; Reaching for Justice

Our Vision Statement reflects Unitarian Universalist tradition.

We journey as a family toward:
Spiritual growth
Freedom in faith
Celebration of diversity
Commitment to action
Devotion to each other,
the community
and the Earth

The Closing Words, which we use at the end of each service, also describes our approach.

Be Ours a religion which, like sunshine, goes everywhere;
Its temple, all space;
Its shrine, the good heart;
Its creed, all truth;
Its ritual, works of love;
Its profession of faith, divine living.

Our Covenant of Right Relations

Covenant of Right Relations – Adopted June 9, 2019 

As Unitarian Universalists, we are members of a covenantal faith, based not on a shared creed but on set of promises to ¨affirm and promote¨ our Seven Principles and to provide ¨one another our mutual trust and support.¨ Our strength as a congregation depends upon our relationships with one another; we are the sum of how we treat each other

Building our beloved community is an ongoing spiritual practice. In the words of Victoria E. Safford, A covenant is a living, breathing aspiration, made new every day … to go deeper in relation to ourselves, to our best intention … and to each other. As members of the Tree of Life Unitarian Universalist Congregation, we agree to be responsible to make, and support each other in making, good-faith efforts to abide by this covenant. We covenant to 

speak and listen with open hearts and minds: 

  • speak directly to the people involved in a situation 
  • use kind, respectful words 
  • use ¨I¨ statements  and clearly state your expectations and priorities 
  • listen with an open mind  
  • refrain from gossip 

be kind and gracious, understanding our limits and those of others: 

  • assume good intentions on the part of others 
  • be patient with ourselves and others; recognize that we all have failings and triggers  
  • express gratitude 

hold ourselves and each other accountable for our behavior 

  • respectfully remind one another of the commitments in this covenant when conflict arises 
  • be willing to seek or accept mediation if a conflict cannot be successfully resolved between individuals 

seek reconciliation after a conflict 

  • apologize and forgive ourselves; accept apologies and forgive others 
  • actively seek to restore relationships that have been strained by conflict 

We accept conflict in our community as inevitable and healthy. We are committed to finding ways to express and resolve our conflicts that promote our ¨journey as a family towards spiritual growth.¨