Amy Carr’s Faith Statement

There is a man living in Hiroshima. He was there before the bomb, and he chose to remain there after the bomb, despite the evacuation attempts, despite the radiation. He stayed in his home, took care of the cows on the farms and the animals at the zoos. He figured he was old, he would die soon anyway. And without his farm, without these animals, there would be no point to his life.
This man realized what so few of us do: there is nothing you can do about the approach of death. It will come no matter what precautions you take, or what dangers you avoid. So what is the point? All you can try to do is fill whatever life you have with meaning. Death and misery will always have their place in our world, and there’s nothing we can do about it. The Only thing to do is try to be happy. To fill our lives with cows and zoo animals in a world of radiation. The end will come. So enjoy what you have. Make yourself happy.
I know this is cheesy and everybody always says “oh, live your lives like you’ll die tomorrow.” But I never believed it until I discovered it for myself. And I think that’s what everyone has to do. Nobody can tell you this.