Anthony Gatsakos’ Faith Statement

Anthony Gatsakos May 8, 2016
My Faith Statement
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Including Questions
1. What people, movements, and ideas do you identify
I am a very active individual. Video gaming, to roller
skating, to megatrampoline.
I am constantly on the
move from activities to friends, to adults. I am most
happy when I am moving fast. Therefore, I am very
attracted to doing sports. I am especially attracted to
football. I like to run fast, twist, turn, and tackle. I like
to be part of a team. We are like a family here. I like to
help people young to older to reach a common good.
2. What you value most highly, not only by what you
think but by what you do?
I value my friends, family, pets, and life. My friends
mean much to me. I am realizing that the social
relationships in my life make me very happy. I try to
make them laugh and feel comfortable around me. I
try to make sure that my friends are given attention.
My family means the world to me. My dad does many
things with me. He makes sure I do my homework,
get good grades, and that I do not get involved in
problems that can happen to many teenagers. My Dad
and I have many talks about life and how one is to
treat oneself and others. I love my dogs. I have a
yellow lab, Newt. My dad calls him “Naughty Newt”,
because he gets into so much trouble. Our black lab,
Starling, is my best friend.
3. What do you believe and have faith in?
I believe in god and my faith is Christianity. I believe
God is constantly watching me. I look at him for
strength to deal with decisions many teenagers face. I
am a Christian as well. I try to run the straight and
narrow life. Honesty, kindness, braveness, a sense of
giving, compassion, and empathy are important to me.
I feel these characteristics make a good Christian.
4. Where you look for support and encourage to
I get my support from my family, friends, coaches, and
counselors. I have had many talks with my father, my
Uncle John, and my Aunt Mary. I talked with them to
discuss problems I was having at school and at home.
At school, I talk to my friends. Friends are great for
support. When I was in football, my coaches have had
talks to me. Many times they talked to me about the
importance of grades and being good in school. I
liked the group talks about being a team. My school
counselor has been very helpful to me. At times he
asked me what happened in a certain situation. He
cares about me. His job is to keep me on the straight
and narrow. I am happy looking back that so many
people support and encourage me.
5. How do you see yourself connected to life and the
lives of others around you?
I see myself connected to life, because I love to be
outside. I really like to be activerunning,
trees, playing football, and basketball. I like to
experience life…..the good and the bad. Because with
bad experiences, i can learn something from them. I
may say to myself, If this event happens to me what
would God want me to do? How would he want me to
react? How can I encourage others and help them
through this bad experience?