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Be a Blessing: Service May 22nd

In the book of Genesis, God says to Abram, “and you shall be a blessing.” Rachel Naomi Remen writes, “We are all born to be a blessing.” What does it mean to bless each other, and bless the world, with our lives? 

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Commit2Respond: A Call to Action for UUs

As the need to address global climate change becomes increasingly urgent, UU’s have responded by launching the Commit2Respond initiative. Through Commit2Respond, individuals, congregations, and organizations are being asked to commit to take action in the next two years in each of three ways.

Alternatives for Community and Environment

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New Officers Elected

The Annual Meeting of First Parish in Needham took place at 7pm on Sunday evening, May 17, in the Meetinghouse.

Starting Theme-based Ministry

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We Have a New Website!

Using the new WordPress Theme created by the UUA, we are delighted to have launched our new site. We hope you like it!

Minister’s Mind: Endings & Healing

This is a hard post to write. I have been privileged to serve Tree of Life since August 2012. It has been a real joy to be part of this congregation’s development at such a pivotal time. Your lay leaders and I have worked hard … read more.

The House That Music Built

By Rev. Sean Parker Dennison

Once upon a time, there was a congregation. It had been around for many years, 150 to be exact, and in that time it had a lot of names and did a lot of work, and sometimes it thrived and sometimes … read more.

Minister’s Mind: Creation

April is here and it’s already been wild. Thundersnow and blustery winds, sunshine and daffodils–sometimes at the same time! Living in the prairie midwest is exciting, beautiful, and sometimes strange. The seasons are a paradox of predictability and surprise. There is never a lack of … read more.