Mindfulness Returns

M.E. Tanabe returns with Mindfulness practice.

We invite you to join our shared mindfulness practice. Together we sample different exercises to bring deeper awareness to our daily lives and to explore our connection to others and to all Life.

Group practice is a supplement to living … read more.

Minister’s Musings on Becoming

o become is a life long process.
Nothing is constant,
not even the self.
We evolve in the midst of narratives meant only for some
and ways of being made narrow by fear and power.
We must, then, have the courage to listen to the truth of our own … read more.

We celebrate Educating

Educating is a major ministry of our congregation and learning is a life long pursuit. We hope you enjoy this video celebrating Educating here at Tree of Life.

Mindfulness Cancelled

We are sorry to have to cancel all Mindfulness sessions at this time due to illness. We are wishing our group leader a quick and complete recovery and hope to bring back Mindfulness in the future.

Compassion for Campers at Warp Corps

Compassion for Campers, the program that provides supplies and gear for the McHenry County homeless who have no steady shelter, will hold its monthly distribution at Warp Corps, 114 North Benton Street in Woodstock, which is both centrally located and has existing contacts and relations … read more.

Spiritual Practices Returns to Tree of Life

First offered last spring, the program is again available beginning March 11. This 12-session series gives participants the opportunity to look at many possible ways for exploring  what is meaningful in our lives and how we connect to the sacred. The program affirms religious diversity while seeking unity in our communal quest for meaning and wholeness.

   Each session creates a forum for … read more.