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Faith Forward Comes to Tree of Life

Faith Forward: From Visitor to Leader is a guided path for Unitarian Universalists to follow in their congregations, helping them navigate from building connections early on, to finding their sense of belonging as a member, to serving as a leader and boldly … read more.

An Update from Our Interns

From Misha Sanders:

After spending all of January commuting to and from downtown Chicago, I can tell you that I am very excited to welcome Spring!  I have been happy to get back into the groove of life here at ToL, after having been mostly absent … read more.

Minister’s Mind–Integrity

Integrity comes from the same root as the word “wholeness.” I once heard a friend of mine, a gay man who was closeted because he feared losing his job as a public school teacher, say, “I don’t want a double life. I think everyone deserves … read more.

Personnel Committee

A Personnel Committee is being formed. Do you have experience working with personnel issues? Members needed!

Personnel Committee: The mission of the Personnel Committee is to support the hired personnel, Board of Trustees, and membership by providing consistent and fair definition and implementation of personnel policies. … read more.