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In his book “In Our Own Best Interest,” Dr. William F. Schulz (ordained UU minister, President of UUA 1985-1993, Executive Director of Amnesty International USA 1994-2006, presently Senior Fellow at Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C.) argues passionately for the importance of emphasizing human rights in American foreign policy as opposed to the primacy of a ‘realist’ foreign policy that seeks to advance American interests without letting human rights concerns impede that advancement.

This is not an arcane conflict.  We face it every day.

Within the past 10 days, President Obama visited Cuba…hailed by some for his efforts to normalize relations, vilified by others for dealing with a state with a continuous record of human rights abuses.

Hillary Clinton claims that her pragmatic approach to politics will allow her to accomplish more things than Bernie Sanders, whose concern with economic justice frightens moneyed interests.

In the Northwest Herald a recent column by Rich Miller, publisher of Capitol Fax, is headlined “It’s time for Rauner to face reality,” the reality being that the present political makeup of Illinois government makes it impossible for the Governor to get much of what he wants.  To save Illinoisans a lot of pain, it’s necessary to negotiate with the opposition.

How important are principals?  Fairness?  Honesty?  Human Rights?  Do ideas of fairness, honesty or human rights that conflict with yours have any legitimacy?  How steadfast should one be in insisting on the primacy of one’s views?

Is one more likely to achieve one’s goals by engaging with the opposition?

Do people prefer ‘order’ over ‘disorder’?  Do people prefer the status quo over change?

For another spirited discussion, join us this Sunday morning, April 3, at 9 o’clock in the main floor classroom.  There’ll be coffee and food for body and soul.  Child care is available on request.  Child care requests should be sent to

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