Caring for one another is a core spiritual practice for Unitarian Universalists. Pastoral care is the term we use for the ways we offer support and compassion to each other in community. We promote offering pastoral care to all ages knowing that it can be as simple as sending a card for a birthday or as challenging as helping someone who has suicidal thoughts.

Community Care Committee

The Community Care Committee’s purpose is to develop, implement and monitor a process of communication and service that will facilitate our members caring for each other in times of need and sharing joyful milestones of their lives. Our action: receive word of member’s joys and concerns; coordinate volunteer member Helpers to meet the needs presented; keep records to assure that there is follow-up if needed; coordinate pastoral care needs with our minister and make our services visible to the congregation. The Committee meets quarterly but is always open to inquiry.

Professional Pastoral Care

Our Interim Minister, Rev. Jenn Gracen is available to our congregation members and attendees in need of pastoral care. You may reach Rev. Jenn at (219) 850-3821 or .