Cookie Donations for TOLUUC Cookie Walk & Holiday Sale

We are so grateful for all cookie donations to the TOLUUC Cookie Walk & Holiday Sale coming up Saturday, December 14!

We’ve got a few tips if you’re looking for some help in choosing a recipe. Over the years and doing research into “Cookie Walk Best Practices,” we have found out a few things about what works best:

  1. Decorated and specialty Christmas cookies are top sellers precisely because most people just don’t have the time to make them anymore.  Eye appeal is really important for this holiday time.
  2. Even though they are delicious cookies, these types just don’t sell very well:  chocolate chip, oatmeal, plain cookies with no decorations.
  3. It’s important to label cookies with an appealing title – help us by sending along a note with your cookie name.
  4. Here’s a link to some great cookie ideas if you’re looking for inspiration:
  5. And to make our Cookie Walk a success, we need dozens and dozens of cookies! 

Finally, we thank everyone who will be working so hard – no matter what cookie recipe you use – to help make this TOL fundraiser a success.  Questions or need ideas, please call Karen Meyer, 815-338-6023, or Mary Robinson, 815-455-8007.

Remember we also welcome donations of gently used holiday decorations and your handcrafted artisan gift items.

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