From the Board: Results of Our Congregational Meeting

On June 1st, 2014 we held our annual congregational meeting. It was well-attended and lively. The congregation voted to elect our 2014 – 2015 Officers and Board members:

  • President: Carol Alfus(returning)
  • Vice President: Judy Stettner (newly elected)
  • Treasurer: Sandra Lott (returning)
  • Secretary: Scott Brix (returning)
  • Greg Dionne (newly elected)
  • Gale Harris (returning)
  • George (“Kaz”) Kazlusky (newly elected)
  • Sue McCowin (returning)
  • Ron Relic (returning)

We also elected our Nominating/Leadership Development committee:

  • Marcia Johnson
  • Lily Bailey
  • Kathe Lacey-Anderson

And a new Endowment Committee:

  • Ed Robbins (chair)
  • Whit Sears
  • Sandy Light

After much discussion, including a commitment from the board to solicit additional funds from every member to cover Fair Share costs ($88 per year,) the congregation adopted the budget recommended by the Board.    This budget projects a deficit of over $8000 and cuts all program budgets (and the minister’s professional expenses) by 15%. It was noted several times at the meeting that this is not sustainable and the congregation recommended that the Board lead a process for congregational reflection on and commitment to our mission and vision and  a strategic plan for going forward.

It was also noted that though we projected a similar deficit last year, (over $6000) if pledges are honored and paid on time, we will end this year with a surplus. We are currently about 11% behind on pledge payments. If that continues, we will not have a surplus, but will likely end the year slightly in the red.

If you’d like to make sure your pledge is paid up-to-date, please call the church office at 815-322-2464

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