Infinite Potential — A walk on the wild side….

…when there’s more than meets the eye.
What are the implications for us, when the discoveries of physics point to a dimension of reality that can’t be seen or measured – but can be utilized? All around us we use modern technology that relies on utilizing waves but we never think about all the waves that also make up our lives.
Last fall I accidentally came upon an interesting Youtube lecture, by Lothar Schäfer, posted from a Science and Non-duality (SAND) conference. From there I looked for his book – Infinite Potential – and found it very readable and this summer I discovered others who were also interested. Although the book is written by a physicist and deals with the implications of quantum physics, the author’s dry wit and enthusiasm are interwoven to make the book enjoyably understandable – and the book is more of a philosophical treatment of quantum physics than a scientific one (which is reserved for the Appendix). You can see the SAND lecture by Dr. Schäfer at the link below – it’s 40 minutes long, but the first 8 minutes give an understanding of what he’s talking about (and an indication of his humor).

So. As was mentioned in last week’s Happenings, several of us have read or are in the process of reading the book. Because of our interest in meeting to talk about how the book enhances our understanding of the seen (and unseen) reality, we thought there might be others also interested in reading and talking about this fascinating subject. No meeting times /places have been set, although we’re probably looking to the end of October. Once we know how many more people are interested and where they’re located we can better choose but if, for example, we want to meet at Woodstock library, we’ll have to arrange something soon. We look forward to hearing your interest or inquiries.

I have 2 extra copies of the book that I can share.

Contact M. E. Tanabe: (815) 337-9895

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