It is not from Rev. Jenn

Many members have reported receiving an email that looks like it is from Rev. Jenn asking for a favor but telling you not to contact her. This is a common scam. The email is not hers and she would never ask for assistance in this way. Please ignore these emails and delete them.

Here are some helpful tips in spotting a scam:

  1. There are grammatical and spelling errors
  2. The sender offers reasons on why you can not contact them directly
  3. The email does not match the email address you have for that person

If you are in doubt, reach out to the sender by something other than the way they contacted you (if by email then contact the sender by phone, text, Facebook, etc).

This is a common email scam that has been used on churches, businesses, and private citizens. If you fall victim to one of these scams, here is a website to help you in reporting the crime.

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