An overview video of UU Social Justice

Our Social Justice Team Mission is to serve the Congregation and the wider community by advancing Unitarian Universalist social justice values through education, social service, and advocacy.

We currently meet the third Wednesday of each month. Contact our SJ chair, Patrick Murfin for more information

Our Ongoing Commitments are Compassion 4 Campers and PADS, homeless services and advocacy, Jail Brakers (support services for families effected by incarceration), Second Sunday Recipients, UU The Vote, looking for community and religious partners for new public action on gun violence in the county, and rapid response readiness to quickly engage public action at crucial times. We are also planning participation in Congregation wide work on renewing UUA Welcoming Congregation status.

Our current Second Sunday recipients are:

  • Second Sunday 2020-21 Church Year
  • September—McHenry County Citizens for Choice
  • October— The Chalice House refugee sanctuary
  • November—Transitional Living Services (Veterans)
  • December—Jail Brakers
  • January—Family Health Partnership Clinic
  • February—Home of the Sparrow
  • March—Compassion for Campers
  • April—Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants (ICDI)
  • May—CASA of McHenry County
  • June—Youth and Family Services
  • July—Land Conservancy of McHenry