Adult Programs

Chalice Circles

In a small group ministry, or “Chalice Circle” as it’s frequently called in UU congregations, meaningful questions are explored in a way that encourages each group member to look for his/her story.  In the process of exploring the questions, stories are shared in an environment of attentive, caring listening and in this framework, ties of friendship grow and are strengthened.

From UU World article:

Deep listening means listening from the heart rather than the mind or ego. It grows out of silence. Deep listening happens when people listen without responding, so they don’t have to think about what to say, what the other person needs to hear, or how to heal the person or solve the problem.

When we speak from our hearts and talk about ourselves—saying what has happened to us, how we believe and feel and think—we find not only that we have gained from hearing ourselves, but that our stories have been interesting to others in the group.

Listening is a way to show respect, regard, love.  Listening and speaking are a dynamic: we speak more of what we value when we feel valued by people’s attentive listening.

The program structure works best when group members make a commitment to attend regularly.  Open to adults and youth, there is a maximum of 10 members in each group.

Contact  M. E. Tanabe,

Coffee with Questions

This weekly discussion group meets from 9:00 to 10:30 at the church and is usually focused on a topical issue taken from news articles, books, or film. Each Sunday’s topic is announced in the Happenings. All are welcome to join us for lively conversation, coffee and donuts. on the topics of the day. Child care is provided.


Like painting a picture, mindfulness is learned as a skill and, with loving application, it becomes an art.  Within various forms of meditation are the skills that can turn us into a Van Gogh or Monet of artful living.  Once we have the technique, it’s a simple choice of what picture we want to create or what garden we want to plant.

Since there are many ways to make a journey, while we practice meditation we experiment with different techniques to center our thoughts, bring mindfulness into our daily lives, and experience Presence.  In this way there is the opportunity to explore what works best for us individually. 

Open to adults, youth, and the community.  Meets at the church: Thursday mornings 10:00 – 11:00.   Other meeting times are outside of the church.  For the extended schedule and any other information, please contact  M. E. (Emi) Tanabe,


Paths to Spiritual Living

Members of this group gather to consider and discuss topics both educational and spiritual. Meetings begin with a brief meditation, followed by an audio or DVD presentation of the works of authors such as Dr. Wayne Dwyer, David Ickes, and Deeprak Chopra. “We welcome anyone who wants to learn and grow spiritually while having fun.”

Meetings are Sundays, 1:30-3:30 PM at church.