Mindfulness and Presence Practices

Like painting a picture, mindfulness is learned as a skill and, with loving application, it becomes an art.  Within various forms of meditation are the skills that can turn us into a Van Gogh or Monet of artful living.  Once we have the technique, it’s a simple choice of what picture we want to create or what garden we want to plant.

Since there are many ways to make a journey, while we practice meditation we experiment with different techniques to center our thoughts, bring mindfulness into our daily lives, and experience Presence.  In this way there is the opportunity to explore what works best for us individually. 

Open to adults, youth, and the community.  Meets at the church: Thursday mornings 10:00 – 11:00 and Monday evenings at 7:30pm.   For the extended schedule and any other information, please contact  M. E. (Emi) Tanabe,  m.e.tanabe@comcast.net

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