We believe learning is a never ending process both spiritually and intellectually. Adults are highly motivated to explore and navigate the joys, sorrows, opportunities, and challenges of our lives. Sometimes you find religious growth through deliberate engagement with programs, practices, readings, and small group discussions. Sometimes you grow in spirit through your life experiences: relationships, making a living, raising children, confronting injustice in the world, and facing illness, loss, or grief.

Here at Tree of Life, we offer Coffee with Questions ( a Sunday morning discussion group with coffee and treats), Soul Matters Sharing Circles (also called Chalice Circles), Mindfulness, Faith Forward Programs, Men’s Group, Women’s Circle, and Women’s Book Discussion Group.


Come join us as we practice mindful centering in our actions and deeper connections to all whom we know. We celebrate our shared humanity and we bring simple gratitude to the small things that sustain life. We use our practice to explore our wholeness and to better see that wholeness in all others. We currently meet Tuesdays at 7:30pm and Thursdays at 1:30pm. For more information, contact M.E. Tanabe m.e.tanabe@comcast.net

Faith Forward Programs

Faith Forward: From Visitor to Leader is a guided path for Unitarian Universalists to follow in their congregations, helping them navigate from building connections early on, to finding their sense of belonging as a member, to serving as a leader and boldly living their faith. It was developed by First Unitarian Church of Dallas, and is now available at Tree of Life. We currently offer Inquirers (for newcomers), Beyond Inquirers (a deeper dive for those that have finished Inquirers), Roots (UU History), UU History 101 (introduction to concepts and people from our history), UU Elevator Speech (helps participants feel comfortable articulating Unitarian Universalism), UU Theology (advanced theological concepts through a UU lens), Coming of Age for Adults (explores your spiritual journey and religious identity), Spiritual Practice (explores many different practices like meditation and writing), Deepening Spiritual Practice (for those that have completed Spiritual Practices), and Turning Points in UU History (delve into the complexities of turning points and controversies in our history). Contact office@treeoflifeuu.org or drop in on our Inquirers class any Sunday morning after the service.