UUnchurch (formerly Messy Church) Wednesdays

5:30pm Leftover Potluck

6:00-7:00pm Activity time

7:00pm-7:30 Circle of Trees Worship

7:30pm [Holding this time for our Faith Forward sessions. Coming soon

Leftovers definition: Anything you have prepped and ready. On the really tough weeks, some fruit, a box of cereal, or even a bag of chips might be your contribution. Our goal is for participants to come as they are- no need to make a special dish, please!

Worship: We’ll have a brief worship service based on our Soul Matters themes and a nature-based story. Music will be offered by participants as they are moved to share it with us. We’ll set up a participation calendar as we get started. Participants will be asked to read and contribute to the service at times; anyone can pass if they’re not comfortable.

Craft/Activity: Crafts and activities will vary from group projects to individual arts, games, and perhaps musical activities. Crafters who wish to bring their own project are welcome to do so.

Contact learn@treeoflifeuu.org . Registration welcome but not required.