Meet Our New Music Director

Forrest RansburgHello everyone! First of all, let me just say that I am so excited to come on board as your new Music Director here at Tree of Life. I have already had the pleasure to meet many of you one on one, and I’m eager to get to know each and every member of this lovely community as I continue my work at Tree of Life. To get the boring sentences out of the way, here is a small snippet about me; I was educated at the Chicago College of Performing Arts and the Manhattan School of Music. Active as a composer, improviser, and interpreter, I perform as a flutist, vocalist, keyboardist, and electronic musician specializing in contemporary art music in a variety of musical ensembles and settings. I am excited to bring my diverse experience to the congregation as I help us grow further as a community through music.


I look forward to continuing to bring compelling music to each Sunday service, working with our wonderful Adult Choir (open to any members of the community who would like to participate, please be in touch if this is you), facilitating open mic and jam nights, and working with the administration and committees of the church to coordinate future “Church of…” programs in the coming liturgical year. In addition to carrying on these wonderful traditions, I hope to help increase our greater community involvement through music and begin cultivating a musical program for the youth of the church. These are presently open ended goals and will take shape in these coming months. Involvement from the congregation is more than welcome in these endeavors and anyone with ideas or interest should feel free to contact me at Additionally, if you wish to be involved in the music of this community, but the above options don’t sound like the perfect fit, please be in touch. If you want to share your music with this beautiful group of people, I will work diligently to make sure that comes to pass. I look forward to our future musical endeavors!

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