Minister’s Mind: Commitment to Action

This month we continue our exploration of our Statement of Purpose with a focus on the next phrase: “Commitment to Action.” This is where the rubber hits the road; where ideals are made real; where what we believe begins to matter. Without a Commitment to Action, our values have little effect, to believe without doing is one definition of hypocrisy.

It became clear in our Pledge dinners that what people most value about Tree of Life is the sense of welcoming community. One of the reasons people become part of a congregation is to build real relationships. Tree of Life is a place where people can celebrate together, grieve together, and grow together. In a world that separates and isolates, that’s a real joy.

But it’s not enough. If a congregation is ONLY about community, it’s no different from a social club.  This is where Commitment to Action comes in.  Tree of Life does not exist for ourselves alone. We have a mission and purpose that goes beyond those who are currently a part of our community.  We express this in our two-part motto: Rooted in Love, Reaching for Justice.

This month I hope that we will find ways to embody our statement of purpose through action that reaches beyond ourselves and beyond the walls of our congregation. I hope that we will recommit ourselves to justice for all people, peace in the world, and an end to the waste and greed that is destroying this Earth we share.  I hope we will give ourselves generously to a mission that extends well beyond the walls of our building.  After all, our community can only be enriched when we work side by side, transforming ourselves in service to our Purpose.



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