Minister’s Mind–Expectation

December is a month full of expectations. For some, those expectations are an inspiration and a joy. For others, this season includes much disappointment and sadness.  In the busy rush of the season, I often find myself remembering the words of Rev.Mark Belletini who wrote, “Take care of yourselves as bodies, for you are a good gift.”  In this hectic time—whether joyful of sad or some combination of both—I hope each of you will remember to take care of yourself.  In that spirit, I offer you this calendar of care:

  • December 1— Reflect for a moment on your greatest accomplishment.
  • December 2—Take time to breathe deeply today.
  • December 3— Take care of your body by eating three balanced, healthy meals.
  • December 4— Give a compliment. (to yourself or another.)
  • December 5— Find five minutes to sit still.
  • December 6—Come to Tree of Life for “From What Remains,” a service about Hanukkah.
  • December 7—Make two wishes: one for yourself and one for the world.
  • December 8—Notice something beautiful and pay attention to it.
  • December 9—Get a good night’s sleep.
  • December 10—Play.  Get out the dreidel or the playing cards, or go to the park.
  • December 11—Make a date with someone you’ve been meaning to spend time with.
  • December 12— Come to the Cookie Walk and indulge in some homemade sweetness.
  • December 13—Come join us for a No-Rehearse Christmas Pageant at Tree of Life.
  • December 14—Write down three things for which you feel grateful.
  • December 15—Spend a few minutes just sitting with your eyes closed, listening.
  • December 16—Make a phone call to someone you love.
  • December 17—Acknowledge the grief that may also be present at the holidays. Come to our Blue Christmas Service at 7 pm.
  • December 18—Give something away.
  • December 19—Say “I love you” to yourself and mean it.
  • December 20—Come to church to celebrate as the Wheel of the Year turns towards light. Fill your heart with song at the Holiday Concert at 4:30 pm.
  • December 21—Tonight’s the longest night of the year.  Revel in darkness.
  • December 22—Look for a reason to smile, chuckle, even belly laugh!  Do it!
  • December 23— Say “yes” to something you’ve been wanting.
  • December 24—Celebrate with us at the tradition candlelight Christmas Eve service, 7:00 pm
  • December 25—Look for real gifts and say thank you.
  • December 26— Make time to rest, relax, recover.
  • December 27—Come to church and learn about Hope Where We Least Expect It.
  • December 28—Be a secret giver now, when no one’s expecting it!
  • December 29—Think about your hopes for the next year.  Say “yes.”
  • December 30— Listen to a song that reminds you of a favorite time. Let yourself linger in the memory.
  • December 31—Say a tender good-bye to the old year and hello to the new.

For more resources for the December Soul Matters Theme, click here.

Love will guide us,

siggoodRev. Sean

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