Minister’s Mind–Health & Healing

To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie —
True Poems flee —

 ~Emily Dickinson

July is a time that many ministers, myself included, take time to rest, restore body and soul, and reconnect with hobbies, passions, and the friends and family who sustain us.  Having made it through another fiscal and program year and another amazing General Assembly, I’m ready to take some time to see and appreciate the Summer Sky. 

Taking time to slow down helps us all heal. The long, warm days often allow us to shift our rhythm and spend some time each doing something we love: playing, walking, watching nature unfold her full beauty…and that helps us come back to balance. In a world that values productivity, it’s good to remember that we are meant for more than work and have value beyond our labor.

Even the Soul Matters program takes the summer off, so we don’t have a resource packet this month, though your Worship Arts Team chose the theme “Health & Healing” for July. We’re hoping our summer services provide chances to stay connected to what is important and to each other.

We’ll be exploring compassion with incoming intern Misha Lentz, hearing from Rev. Lou Ness about her ongoing work for justice, exploring the work of Joseph Campbell with Ron Relic, and learning more about eating healthy and local with members of the Food Shed Co-op.

While I am on vacation, our administrator, Mila, is able to contact me in case of emergency. She is in the office Tuesday – Friday. If there is an emergency on a weekend, please contact our President, Judy Stettner, who will also have my contact information.

While I am away, I hope you will also have a chance to attend to the health of your whole being. I’ll see you in August!

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  1. Thank you for linking back to my post about Rev. Ness. Her work is so important. Lucky you, to be listening to the inspirational Joseph Campbell. I hope you come back refreshed and inspired.

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