Minister’s Mind–Revelation

For the past few days, I’ve finally begun to believe in Spring again. The snow is mostly melted, I have crocuses blooming in my yard, and the grass is beginning its shift from brown to green.  Even though this happens every year, I still find myself responding to the change of seasons like it has never happened before. Each bud, each sunny morning, each time the breeze smells like earth instead of snow seems like a revelation.

One of my favorite things about Unitarian Universalism is that we understand that religion, like life, is always changing and growing.  Though deeply rooted in our sources, we also know and celebrate that revelation is ongoing–that through science, art, experience and new encounters–we must continue to learn and grow as people and as a faith community. Change is not something to be feared and avoided, but embraced with excitement and curiosity. As the world changes, we do too. We respond and strive to remain relevant to both the current circumstances and the core values of our faith.

This month, as we explore the theme of “Revelation”– we invite you to join us in playfully exploring the sources of your beliefs, the places you encounter what is most deeply meaningful to you, and what inspires you to keep searching, keep discovering, and keep going when things are difficult. I hope that it is as refreshing and enjoyable as watching Spring unfold.

You can find the Soul Matters Resources for April here.

Love Will Guide Us,

Rev. Sean

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