Minister’s Mind–Wonder

Our theme for the month of December is Wonder. My hope for each of you reading this is glimpses of wonder throughout what is often a month of busyness and overwhelm. In that spirit, I offer you again this year a “calendar of care” to help remind you to take a moment or two each day to center yourself on what is truly important and that which may offer you a chance to feel the true wonder of this holiday season.

  • December 1— Take a moment to stop and breathe, appreciating the air, your lungs, and the simple miracle of breath.
  • December 2— Find a short time–waiting in line, between tasks, just before sleep–to turn everything off and appreciate the quiet.
  • December 3— Take time to feed your body healthy, nourishing food.
  • December 4— Let go of perfectionism and celebrate something that is “good enough.”
  • December 5— Give yourself a real compliment.
  • December 6— Take time to appreciate something or someone beautiful to you.
  • December 7— Come to church and join your community in gratitude for this wonderful world.
  • December 8— Find a time today to stop and take three deep breaths.
  • December 9— Write a quick thank you note to someone you love.
  • December 10— Take time to be with someone you love spending time with.
  • December 11— Do something nice for yourself.
  • December 12— Find a way to be playful today.
  • December 13— Get a good night’s sleep.
  • December 14— Come to church and learn about winter holidays from our children in this year’s pageant.
  • December 15— Listen to a song that reminds you of a favorite time. Let yourself linger in the memory.
  • December 16— Take joy in giving. Don’t wait. Give a gift today.
  • December 17— Say “I love you” to someone and to yourself.
  • December 18— Reconnect with someone or something you have missed.
  • December 19— Forgive yourself or someone else.
  • December 20— Prepare for the longest night of the year. Befriend the darkness.
  • December 21— Come fill your soul with wonder at the Choir Concert.
  • December 22— Look for the silly and absurd and find a reason to laugh.
  • December 23— Make time for yourself today.
  • December 24— Come to the candlelight Christmas Eve service at  7:00 p.m.
  • December 25— Spend time looking for the real gifts this day. Show your gratitude.
  • December 26— Rest, relax, recover.
  • December 27— Say “yes” to something you’ve been wanting.
  • December 28— Come to church and welcome the new year with your community.
  • December 29— Give a hug to yourself or someone else.
  • December 30— Immerse yourself in the beauty of the world around you. Look out the window or take a walk.
  • December 31—Welcome the new year by making a wish you can help make come true.

If you’ve been enjoying the Soul Matters resource guides, you can find this month’s materials on “Wonder” here.

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