Minister’s Musings on Becoming

o become is a life long process.
Nothing is constant,
not even the self.
We evolve in the midst of narratives meant only for some
and ways of being made narrow by fear and power.
We must, then, have the courage to listen to the truth of our own lives,
to the wisdom that comes from within—
responding without resistance or need to control,
but with welcome and curiosity.
This is what ensures our becoming is an unfolding
of our truest self.
This lifelong labor cannot be carried out alone. It requires help
from friends, and lovers, family, and creaturely companions
who bear witness to what makes us come alive.
And say to us, “Listen. Look. Feel. Pay attention to that.”

These words come to us from the “enfleshed” community of Unitarian Universalist theologians, activists, writers, and other creators working for collective liberation.  I share it with you today as an invitation into our April Soul Matters theme: Becoming. 

“Nothing is constant, not even the self.”  While we have moments that honor certain important transitions in our lives – becoming a licensed driver, becoming a graduate, becoming a spouse or parent or grandparent, becoming a professional – we are never finished with our becoming.  To be alive is to be changing, transforming.  Spring brings many lovely opportunities for recognizing this truth as we witnessed the earth becoming new once again.

Who are you becoming at this stage of your life?

Who are we becoming as a religious community?

What is our region – state – nation becoming and how we are called to engage with this process?

I hope you will join me in reflecting on these questions throughout this month – and share your insights with me and with one another!

In Faith, 

Rev. Jenn

Please note Rev. Jenn is on parental leave until April 25th. She will be happy to respond to your messages when she returns.

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