Minister’s Musings on Play

How often do we take the time
To share a joke or silly rhyme?
To toss a ball or shout hooray?
Our theme at church this month is “Play!”

Now to some folks this might seem odd –
“You talk of play instead of God?”
But as UUs we know it’s fine
To laugh along with The Divine.

In fact, we value having fun
And pray in Twenty-Twenty-One
We’ll soon be free to play with friends
When this whole COVID crisis ends.

But even in The Year of Zoom
A lot of people made some room
For puzzles, crafts, and games; we’ve done
Our very best to have some fun.

Of course, sometimes it’s hard to see
The value in such levity.
And in these moments (hope they’re rare)
Our fellow members show us care.

As we explore this theme each week
An open spirit may we seek
And find the perfect chance to say
“Let’s go, my friends – it’s time to play!”

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