The Right Relations Team of Tree of Life Unitarian Universalist Congregation (“TOLUUC”) works to restore relationships that have been strained by confusion, discord, or conflict. The Team provides a safe, confidential, and neutral environment for the Congregation community to voice concerns, work through disagreements, and resolve conflicts. We are here to serve and to nurture a healthy, welcoming TOLUUC community. 

The Right Relations Team operates independently of the Congregation’s Board and the Minister. Our purpose is to assist individuals in repairing relationships so that they may reflect the principles agreed upon in our congregational Covenant of Right Relations. The role, services, and core principles of the Right Relations Team are described in more detail in the Charter of the Right Relations Team.  

The Team is available to all of the TOLUUC community, including members, friends, employees, ministers, and neighbors. The members of the Team pledge to remain neutral and impartial, and none of the Team will advocate on behalf of any individual or group within the community. The charge of the Team is to facilitate conversations among individuals in the community who seek to reduce confusion, to resolve discord and conflict, and to heal wounded relationships. Members of the TOLUUC community may address concerns or questions with the Team confidentially and without fear of retaliation or judgment.  Team members will not take any action on an individual’s issue without the express permission of that individual.  

Here is your current Right Relations Team with brief biographical information pertinent to service on the Right Relations Team: 

Kathe Lacey-Anderson –  (815) 355-8872.  Kathe Lacey-Anderson is a 5th grade teacher in Woodstock Public Schools. She has completed coursework on Restorative Practices in schools and trained students in Peer Mediation techniques. She finds that most of the principles she teaches to 10-year-olds are equally applicable to adults. Kathe has been a member of Tree of Life since 2006. 

Steve Lyons –   (815) 981-0860.  Steve Lyons is a social worker with 23 years in practice. He has been active in TOLUUC for 13 years including serving multiple terms on the TOLUUC Board. In his practice, Steve works with children, families, and seniors dealing with chronic and acute illnesses. Steve has experience in restorative justice techniques with a Victim Offender Reconciliation Program. Steve’s practice focuses on active listening and problem-solving. 

Randy Rapp –  (815) 222-7207. Randy is a lawyer since 1976, mostly involved in dispute resolution. He has been an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association since 1982 and a mediator since 2010 with over 400 mediations, most of which were resolved.  He is now a full-time mediator and arbitrator. Randy’s mediation and arbitration practice satisfies a long-delayed vocation as a peace-maker. Randy and his wife, Sue McCowin, have been members of TOLUUC since 1991.