Ross Relic’s – Faith Statement

Who am I

and what do I believe?

Man, these complicated questions

do not like to relieve

They unsettle

they meddle

they cause all a fuss

and they make us afraid

Of what’s already in us

For me, the answer to this question is clear

But the answer’s now evolving

Just like always, in here

Continuing on, for some finite days

but for now I have a two word answer for

this thoughtful craze

secular humanist

what a notion?

A label that can cause us all such a commotion

To me, it means thoughtful, kind, mindful

But to some argumentative and kind of a handful

that’s the thing

all labels have a meaning

a certain resonation with all people’s being

as humans, our nature is to find a pattern

but we get so busy with that

we forget it can burn

‘cause not all people fit into a single box

Labels are like clay, not some clunky rocks

I meld it to what I believe

not some preconceived notion

sorry, that’s my pet peeve

when I use it, its meaning just seems so clear

I try to be my best self

I try to be here

I don’t believe in an afterlife or a savior

I believe in people helping people get rid of their fear

Just ‘cause I agree with something like evolution

Doesn’t mean survival of the fittest is our only solution

Let’s help each other

‘cause c’mon we’re all we’ve got

Compared to our universe

you’re just a dot


You feel less significant or less in value

But you also feel empowered and you feel

like brand new

so many issues

so many ways to consider them

each opinion being like its own gem

only mine right now

is being seen

but why is mine important?

Only cause I’m fifteen

I believe everyone’s is equal in value

So now I’ve said what I believe

What about you?