The Worship Arts committee works with the Minister, Music Director, and Director of Religious Education to plan the worship calendar for the year. This committee also arranges for guest preachers and lay-led summer worship services, and plans special services. The Worship Arts Committee meets the fourth Tuesday most months. If you are interested in knowing more, send an email to our Worship Arts committee.

Welcoming our members and guests on Sunday morning and at other events is a ministry of hospitality. Our Coffee Hour hosts, Ushers, Visitor Aides, and Fellowship Committee work together to make sure we do our best to be welcoming, friendly, and helpful. The Social Hour after Sunday services is an important welcoming time to greet visitors and get to know or catch up with other members. As we all know, Social Hour with a hot mug of coffee is fabulous, but even more so when there is a little tasty delight to munch on.

If you would like to sign up to provide treats following a Sunday Service, please sign up here.