Service Auction Fundraiser

Hi members and friends of Tree of Life UUC

This is an important reading so stick with it to the end!

The Stewardship Committee is going to have a Service Auction Fundraiser on November 2, 2013.  If you’re not sure what a service auction is, here’s the skinny:  A service auction is an auction where the items auctioned are services, functions, or events that are donated by members and friends of the church.  Some examples:

Landscape design or maintenance

Dinner parties for small groups, usually prepared and served in the provider’s home

Private music lessons

Musical performances

Baked goods; baked and delivered by the provider once a month for six months or a year

A chord of firewood; cut, split, and delivered

A group outdoor outing; planned and conducted by the provider

A period of technical or professional training or consulting

We could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Even though this is a Service Auction, we’re also going to auction off art and craft items created and made by our own talented and artistic members and friends.  Here are a few possibilities:


Sewn items such as quilts, apparel, etc.

Art objects made of wood, glass, metal, or other materials

This is gonna be both a live and silent auction.  Most services will be auctioned live by our own flamboyant auctioneer (you know who).  Art and craft ‘things’ will be in the silent auction (that’s where you secretly write in your bid and hope nobody outbids you).

Our goals for this fundraiser are to raise a heck of a lot of money and to have an awful lot of fun!!

For this to be successful we need the best possible donated services and art and craft items.  In past years, our members and friends have donated some outstanding and creative services and craft and art items.  We know we’ll get great stuff this time, too.

But here’s a special plea:  We would like to have a least one “KNOCK-YOUR-SOCKS-OFF” item.  You ask; what might that be?  Well, here’re some examples:

Tickets to a major event at a major venue

Get-away package

Days or a week at a resort

If you happen to have such an offering, we invite you to step forward and make the donation.  Or, if you know someone else who would be willing to donate that “BIG ITEM”, let us know.  We’ll talk to them.

Finally; we don’t have all the answers!  Do you have ideas that you think would make this auction more successful?  Let us hear from you.  We’ll consider every idea you come up with.

We really want to make this a VERY successful and fun auction.  With your participation, WE WILL MAKE IT SO!!


Comments, questions, and suggestions should go to Dave Ayres at 815 308-5266 or email them to



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