A Courageous Walk

Well within most of our memories is the introduction to the term, “alternative facts”.  Standing on its own, the concept that a “fact” can have multiple sides begs the question, “What is truth?” It is common to search for truth in many paces outside ourselves.  Even a life of faith can be centered in the exterior – churches, symbols, liturgy, denominational and non-denominational doctrine…Perhaps the quest to find truth best begins with the internal grappling over what rings true at a personal level and not only leaning on the traditions of our society or ancestors.

Jesus modeled that there is power in identifying and speaking truth – even when it brushes up against the edges of tradition.  His life and death also exposes the extremes some people will go to protect their beliefs. Living a life in personal truth is a courageous walk. But avoiding the walk is not living a life at all.

  • Speaker: Gina Swinney
  • Worship Leader: M.E. Tanabe
  • Chalice Lighter: Heather Madaus
  • Music: Ken Johnson

After the service, we invite you to enjoy coffee hour and social time online. 12:15-1:15 we invite you to attend our Faith Forward Inquirers session for newcomers on Worship and Liturgical year in the sanctuary or online.

Did you miss this service? You can watch it here.

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