An Inquiring Faith

Our faith values questions more than certainty. What does that look like in our congregation? What questions do YOU bring to our life together?

What have you wanted to ask Rev. Jenn? Do you want to know the difference between a Unitarian and a Universalist? What do UUs believe about sin? Why is the sky blue? What is her favorite book? Now is your opportunity! Rev. Jenn is doing a question box sermon and invites you to submit your questions in advance by March 17th at If your question doesn’t make it into the sermon she will reach out to you individually.

  • Speaker: Rev. Jenn Gracen
  • Worship Leader: Jesse Bowen
  • Chalice Lighter: Lisa Campagnolo
  • Special Music: Be a Light by Tree of Life Choir

After the service we will have coffee hour social time in breakout rooms and Inquirers for newcomers at 12:15pm.

We conduct our services live on the Zoom platform to allow for a more interactive experience. You will need to have the free Zoom app on your device and have it updated to the latest version.

Did you miss this service? You can watch it here.

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