Descent to the Dark and the Rising, Defiant Spark

Renewal often requires a descent into dark places. Just as a seed pushes up from the deep dank soil, we may re-discover ourselves as we emerge from the places where we have been “dissolved and shaken”, as May Sarton poignantly observes. Through the words of William Ellery Channing and May Sarton, let us reaffirm the rising, defiant spark that is ours to claim.

Reverend Linda Slabon, she/her, M.Div., MSW, M.A., LCSW, served 26 years as the minister of the UU Congregation of DeKalb. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker she formerly worked at Family Service Agency and DeKalb County Hospice. Currently retired, she maintains a small private practice. She serves as a Board Member on the UU Advocacy Network of IL For 26 years Dr. Toni Tollerud served as Music Director at the UU Congregation of DeKalb, IL. Toni is the Distinguished Teaching Professor Emerita of the College of Education at Northern Illinois University. Though retired, she continues to lead state-wide seminars on supervision and trauma and serves as President of the NIU Annuitants Board.

  • Speaker: Rev. Linda Slabon
  • Worship Leader: Ron Relic
  • Chalice Lighter: Jesse Bowen
  • Music: Dr. Toni Tollerud

After the service we invite you to join us for coffee and conversation.

Did you miss this service? You can watch it here.


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