Power, Partnership and Change

Five members of our congregation at a climate justice rally.

At the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC), we believe that the
transformational solutions we need come from communities most directly
impacted by injustice. Join us for this year’s Guest at Your Table
program to learn what UUSC partners are doing to address immediate
injustices – as well as what they envision for the future. At this
extraordinary juncture in history, we think their stories will offer
inspiration and guidance on the path toward justice.

  • Speaker: Rev. Mary Katherine Morn, President and CEO of UUSC
  • Worship Leader: Sue Kazlusky
  • Chalice Lighter: Janet Burns
  • Welcome & Blessing: George “Kaz” Kazlusky
  • Story for All Ages: Rev. Laura Randalls
  • Hymns: “Blue Boat Home” from the UU Church of Palouse, Moscow, ID “We Would Be One” performed by Billy Seger

After the online service wehad Brainstorming with the Board and Inquirers for newcomers. There was no 9:00am outside service.

Did You Miss the Service? You Can Watch it Here

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