Stories Towards a New Day

February is Black History Month. As such, we recognize courage, strength and contributions that have contributed to the improvement of our nation. This recognition allows all of us to unite in appreciation, although arguably, the one-month emphasis in and of itself can be viewed as separatist. Understanding our differences might best be achieved through building relationships individual to individual. When we listen to life stories, humanity prevails and differences are celebrated. When we listen, we begin to really see each other. When we see each other, the hope for equity and justice for all begins.

  • Speaker: Gina Swinney
  • Worship Leader: Ron Relic
  • Chalice Lighter: Alan Shear
  • Music: Ken Johnson

After the service, we invite you to stay for coffee and conversation. We will offer an orientation for newcomers.

Did you miss this service? You can watch the sermon here

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