Take Courage to Build Brave Spaces

Courage comes in many shapes and sizes, forms recognizable and subtle. Each of us approaches the world with a different set of lenses and experiences. What may be extraordinary bravery for one person might not even register as a challenge for another. But one thing is true. We can all strengthen our heart muscles in brave space so that we can increasingly live courageous and trust filled lives. 

  • Speaker: Rev Karen Mooney
  • Worship Leader: Sue McCowin
  • Chalice Lighter: Jane Richards

Rev. Karen Mooney is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist who lives in northern IL with her wife. She works as a spiritual director with people looking at transforming their lives through their values. Her past ministries have included: UU Advocacy Network of IL as Executive Co-Director. Working closely with congregations around ARAOMC and Vote Love work. UU Prison Ministries of IL as Minister/ Exec. Director. Building an organization of co-liberation that brings UU values and faith to people impacted by the prison industrial complex. Serving a small congregation as a contract minister. Karen learned the art of church from her very involved parents and has been influenced by the music and words fed by indispensible relationships. Ultimately she loves that UU communities are places where you find people who are alive and seeking throughout their lives.

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