The Difficult Healing… Is it worth it?

We all understand we have to forgive to heal. So…what happens to us when we don’t think forgiving a significant hurt has ANY chance of reconciling the situation? Today, we examine the forgiving/healing process when it doesn’t seem like it will work.

  • Worship Leader: Carol Alfus
  • Speaker: George “Kaz” Kazlusky
  • Chalice Lighter: Janet Burns
  • Special Music: Ken Johnson
  • Hymns led by: Billy Seger
  • Story for All Ages: Laurie Cichon, Prodigal Son

After the service we will have religious education for children and youth, coffee hour breakouts, and Inquirers for newcomers.

Problems with Zoom? You are in Zoom but can’t hear anything? You can hear but you can’t see? You can’t open the chat to get help? During Sunday services, you can call or text 815-669-0403 and a member of the tech team will try to help.

Did you miss this service? You can watch it here.


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