The Liminal Space of Becoming

How often are we (individually and collectively) in transition, becoming something or someone new, without even realizing it? We are invited to notice when we’re in this liminal space and embrace it as sacred and holy.

Rev. Mary Dicken is an ordained United Methodist clergyperson, currently serving at Meridian Street United Methodist Church in Indianapolis and previously serving churches throughout southern Indiana and in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She is passionate about connecting the church with the hurts and hopes of the world, creating space for sacred questions, and making room for people who have not always felt comfortable or welcome in the church.

In addition to her vocation as clergy, Mary is also a professional harpist, performing with orchestras and chamber groups, and as a soloist. She loves traveling, hiking, drinking coffee, growing food, and surrounding herself with furry and feathery creatures. Currently, she lives with her border collie Bella and five chickens, affectionately dubbed by church members as “the church ladies” (their coop is at the parsonage behind the church).

Her writings are included in two recent books: We Pray With Her (Abingdon Press, 2018) and Speaking Truth (Abingdon Press, 2020).

On this Second Sunday of the month, we will take a special collection for Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants

  • Speaker: Rev. Mary Dicken
  • Worship Leader: Sue Kazlusky
  • Chalice Lighter: Jess Miller
  • Hymns: Billy Seger

Did you miss this service? You can watch it here.

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