Who’s Holiday is it? A Green Debate

A pageant in two acts. Based on “A Holiday Lawsuit” by Marie Houck in which Mother Earth takes Father Christmas to court for copyright infringement. Enjoy our annual pageant featuring RE students with special guest appearances!

Our offering this morning will go to Jail Brakers.

Our service will be online at 10:45am. Instructions for attending the online service are below. After the online service we will have coffee hour breakout rooms for social time until noon and Inquirers for newcomers 12:15-1:15pm.

We conduct our services live on the Zoom platform to allow for a more interactive experience. You will need to have the free Zoom app on your device and have it updated to the latest version. www.zoom.us
Problems with Zoom? You are in Zoom but can’t hear anything? You can hear but you can’t see? You can’t open the chat to get help? During Sunday services, you can call or text 815-669-0403 and a member of the tech team will try to help.

Did you miss this service? You can watch it here. Minus credits.

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