Speaker: Gina Swinney

The Wagon Needs Fixing

When people of shared values and dreams come together the result can be powerful and life-changing.

A Courageous Walk

Well within most of our memories is the introduction to the term, “alternative facts”.  Standing on its own, the concept that a “fact” can have multiple sides begs the question, “What is truth?” It is common to search for truth in many paces outside ourselves.  Even a life of faith can be centered in the exterior – churches, symbols, … Continue reading A Courageous Walk

Faith or Trust (or both)?

Due to the intricacies of word and language translation through the centuries, people in many faith communities have come to understand the words ‘faith’ and ‘trust’ as being synonymous. Though they certainly compliment each other, they vary in discernible ways. “Faith or Trust (or both)?” explores the way these two concepts intersect and diverge. Speaker: … Continue reading Faith or Trust (or both)?

A Commitment to Commitment

“Our work experience, our relationships and our own sense of peace are strongly tied to the commitments we make. Commitments require long, hard work and honoring them seldom results in life being easy all of the time. This is especially true for a nation of people whom have grown accustomed to a lifestyle filled with … Continue reading A Commitment to Commitment

The Art, Science, Faith and Responsibility of Healing

Often times, we stand on the sidelines of our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.  We treat illness and recovery as something that happens to us.  This mindset removes any power or participation we have in the process. To be truly healed and healing, we must embrace the discomfort, the dis-ease, and find its meaning … Continue reading The Art, Science, Faith and Responsibility of Healing