Speaker: M.E. Tanabe

Seeing the Invisible

Where do we find beauty in a world that is so divided, wounded, and suffering? How do we let it speak to us of goodness, joy, wholeness, and strength? Do you keep with you a moment or an experience of beauty?

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The One Story

Rachel Naomi Remen has written, “Hidden in all stories is the One Story. The more we listen, the clearer that Story becomes.” What is our experience with this “One Story?” Has your hidden story been heard? Do you ever hear your story in the words … read more.

When Stillness Speaks

Stillness is such a wonderful guest to welcome into our lives. It always arrives with gifts – like greater clarity, insight, and peacefulness. And as musicians, painters, and poets tell us, stillness creates space for creativity. What does Stillness bring to you?

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