Speaker: M.E. Tanabe

What Nurtures My Heart

As we cherish others and offer them care, protection, and encouragement, we learn to nurture. We see its importance in raising children and experience its value in sustaining relationships and community. ….And what do we do for our own hearts so they can continue to … read more.

Love, With Vision and Conviction

Love shows itself  in kindness and understanding.  Love is the strength of courage and the sustenance of commitment.  And Love has a powerful direction — calling us to the path it wants to travel.

Speaker: M.E. Tanabe

Worship Leader: Sue Kazlusky

Music: Ken Johnson

To Attend in Person

In accordance with CDC … read more.

Courage: What’s Love Got to do With It?

Much of life around us is in need of a courageous response. Do we feel called to that need or overwhelmed by it? What’s available to strengthen us to act with clarity and courage?

Speaker: M.E. TanabeWorship Leader: Carol AlfusChalice Lighter: Theresa CastinoMusic: The Choir

After the … read more.

Seeing the Invisible

Where do we find beauty in a world that is so divided, wounded, and suffering? How do we let it speak to us of goodness, joy, wholeness, and strength? Do you keep with you a moment or an experience of beauty?

Speaker: M.E. TanabeWorship Leader: Ron … read more.

The One Story

Rachel Naomi Remen has written, “Hidden in all stories is the One Story. The more we listen, the clearer that Story becomes.” What is our experience with this “One Story?” Has your hidden story been heard? Do you ever hear your story in the words … read more.

When Stillness Speaks

Stillness is such a wonderful guest to welcome into our lives. It always arrives with gifts – like greater clarity, insight, and peacefulness. And as musicians, painters, and poets tell us, stillness creates space for creativity. What does Stillness bring to you?

Speaker: M.E. TanabeWorship Leader: … read more.